Tips and Tricks on Working Remotely

Many companies are choosing to continue with remote work post-pandemic. A Gartner survey of company leaders found that 80% will allow employees to work remotely post-pandemic at least part time of the year and 47% will allow full-time remote work. In fact, research shows that remote workers are 35% to 40% more productive than in-office employees (FlexJobs). So, you’ve landed a new remote job, now what? Here are some tips and tricks on working remotely for beginners. 

Tips and Tricks on working remotely

1. Over-communicate

Since you will no longer have the face-to-face interactions from being a few desks down from your coworkers, it is essential that you schedule check-in meetings with your managers and fellow employees on a weekly basis. Making this time to discuss goals, projects, and daily tasks will keep you on track and clarify expectations for your work. After all, communication is the key to success in any professional role, especially when that role is remote.

2. Invest in reliable tech

You should know and have the right technology to accomplish your work. Having a reliable laptop or device along with a secure internet connection is necessary for working anywhere, but especially when working remotely. You always want to be prepared to hop on a video call without losing connection, be able to receive and respond to emails efficiently, and access other required tools for your job throughout the day. Other tech that might be helpful are good quality noise cancelling headphones, a wireless/portable keyboard and mouse, a backup battery/charger, and even in some cases a second screen.

3. Consider your workspace

Find a space in your home or community where you can achieve maximum focus and productivity. This could be a coworking space near you, a local coffee shop, or a home study office. Feeling motivated in your environment will better prepare you to tackle your day’s tasks!

4. Figure out your work style

Learning your working style can help you figure out the most effective flow for your day. Do you work better when you take small breaks? Are you more productive in the morning or evening? Determining how you work best will set you on your remote work journey to success!

5. Take time for self-care

When working from home, it can become difficult to distinguish your “you time” from work time, especially when your job requires you to be stuck to a screen for long periods of time. Use the flexibility of remote working to your advantage and block out time for exercise, nutritious meals, and a healthy amount of sleep so that you can remain focused and productive during your working hours. Another important form of self-care is making sure you are feeling supported and connected to your community and the “real world”. There may be online and in-person remote communities near you that will surround you with other remote workers. 

6. Know when to “log off”

Setting a time to log off each night is a good habit to develop when working remotely. It can be challenging with emails and notifications coming in at all hours of the day, but it’s important to set the standard on what hours you are available.

7. Embrace the perks of working remotely

Working remotely comes with the freedom of a flexible work style and schedule. In some cases, it also means you can work from any location. Don’t forget to embrace these changes and find out what more you love about working remotely.

Source: Remote Year: 8 Remote Working Tips for Beginners; Flex Jobs: Remote Work Statistics: Navigating the New Normal by Emily Courtney

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