The Value of a Polished LinkedIn Profile

Newsweek reported 14 million jobs posted on the social networking site. This shows there are endless possibilities for applying to jobs in your field of interest! Not to mention the hundreds of connections you’ll be able to make online to build your professional network. LinkedIn is great for tapping into industry news and performing company research, too. LinkedIn an essential tool for making connections and landing jobs, but it’s also an opportunity to build your professional brand. Having a polished LinkedIn profile can help rank your name on Google for recruiters searching your name. This profile is one of the first things a recruiter will see, so it’s crucial in making yourself stand out!

Tips for Polishing Your LinkedIn Profile!

Before you make updates to your LinkedIn profile, remember to turn off your profile-update-sharing settings. That way your connections and employers will not receive automatic notifications of the job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries that you may be updating.

You want to make sure your profile has an information-packed profile headline. This will increase your profile’s appearance in search rankings and makes you a more eye-catching candidate. Your LinkedIn headline is arguably the most important professional real estate you have on the internet. Assume that most employers don’t scroll past the top of your profile and treat this section almost like an elevator pitch! Tell people what you are doing now, what you want to do, and what key skills or experiences you offer.

Clean it up!

Commas, vertical lines, and slash marks can be used to separate pieces of information in your profile headline. Make sure to start with what you want, not what you’ve done in the past that way recruiters know what job you seek. For example, try using this format for your headline:
Aspiring Product Management Leader | 6+ Years in GMP Manufacturing | Former Intern at ABC Company | Experience as Project Coordinator | Fluent in Spanish

If you opt for a profile picture, use an on-brand professional photo of yourself. Consider using a simple profile header photo such as the skyline of your city, a plain color and pattern, or your small business logo if applicable. You’ll want to make sure your location is updated to reflect where you intend to live and work and your career story is explained in the About section. This will highlight who you are and why an employer should hire you, similar to a cover letter. State the kinds of jobs you’ll be applying to, relevant experiences and skills including past roles, internships, volunteer experience, and extracurriculars. Remember, these should all be related to your current career goals.

Add some spice!

Add relevant sections such as education, licenses & certifications, volunteer experience & organization memberships, skills & endorsements, courses & projects, and languages, too. When in doubt, leave it out – less is more when it comes to your LinkedIn profile.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to ask a few people to review your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter. Spending some time perfecting your profile can pay off in your current and future job search. Read How to land the job of your dreams! It all begins with the resume for more tips.

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